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As assignments work has declined, there is a need to find alternative ways to raise funds in order to continue doing independent photojournalism and documentary work on under reported issues. 

There are many stories, which need to be told, voices to be heard, subjects to be seen, and issues to be talked about. 

Purchasing a print or item from the store is a great way to support independent journalists such as myself.

As an independent photojournalist, personal projects are part of being a photographer. I believe that the goal of a documentary photographer is to create images that can visually translate the reality one witnesses using a critical eye and a mind full of ethics; the role of a photojournalist becomes more important when you hear the testimonies of the victims or witness the harm one human being causes another.

Your generosity goes a long way, when you purchase a print or items from the store, the profits will be used in the logistics of covering current event, conflict zone or a long-term project and keeping an independent photographer like myself with working expenses when traveling to these locations which are sometimes remote; for example equipment insurance, fixer/translators, and transportation in addition to the lodging and travel overheads.

Thank you for your interest and donation.    Print Gallery

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Prints are delivered authenticated with the image tittle or place and the photographers name stamped on the image: unsigned and uneditioned.  To find more information about the prints click here.

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